martes, 21 de septiembre de 2010

Looking back Spanish Café Arequipa

A long long time ago, we started our Spanish Cafe Arequipa in our own café in Arequipa. Maybe even one of the first of Arequipa. Yes we had a real bar-café in the centre of Arequipa. It was 7 years ago. I have good memories of it, with Milly, Renzo, Marco, Ceci, Jenny, Nathalie, David and all the students passing by living, studying all together. We had fun, laughed loads, teachers, students, coordinators and actually, after seven years - believe it or not - we still have some of the same teachers, others continued on solo. We also have a group of new teachers. Our teachers were and are all freelance young enthusiastic Peruvians, no, Arequipeños!

We never really stopped to teach Spanish to foreigners, but advertisement on the web, well.. that did stop for a while, just too much moving from one location to the other. But finally we now have a permanent place to stay. For already 2 years in a row we are now permanent in CASA DE LOS PINGUINOS en avenida Parra 110 and as well as a bungalow we even have the garden and hammacks to our disposal.

We now do not only offer Spanish classes to foreigners but also English and  even Dutch classes to Peruvians. We teach the same way, with grammar combined with conversational Spanish, focused
on the student.

Come and check us out.